Principles regarding Courses

    General Principles:
    The lecturers and faculty members who deliver courses in our Institute are required to send their syllabus via e-mail before the start of each academic year.
    In this syllabus, the lecturers and faculty members shall state the evaluation methods they will use for their courses and the effect of these methods on the end-of-the-semester in terms of percentage (%).
    The success levels of the students are assessed via mid-terms within the semester and finals at the end of the semester.
    At least two assessments shall be made in a semester.
    It is at the discretion of the lecturers and faculty members that one or both of these assessments is in the form of homework, project, research paper and/or evaluation of the student’s participation in the course, etc.
    Assessment grades are given out of 100.

    Principles regarding Thesis Advisory

    The lecturers or faculty members who will become thesis advisor to a student shall first sign Form for Thesis Advisor and Subject Proposal prepared by the student.(See Form 2 (in Turkish))
    For other actions to be taken by the lecturers or faculty members who are also thesis advisors at the beginning of each semester, see Administrative and Financial Issues
    Thesis Advisor shall fill in and sign Form 9 if they approve the thesis prepared by the student under their advisory and give permission their students to take thesis defence exam.(See Form 9 (in Turkish))
    In addition, Thesis Advisor shall submit their student’s thesis in Word form to the Institute via e-mail.
    The Institute will check the thesis by using a plagiarism program and send the report both to the student and to the Thesis Advisor via e-mail.
    If the thesis has a similarity ration within the specified limits, the Thesis Advisor shall print the report and submit it to the Institute after they put their initials on each page and sign the last page.
    The Thesis Advisor shall fill in and submit the Jury Proposal Form to the Institute.(See Form 11 (in Turkish))
    The Institute will notify the Thesis Jury approved by the Institute Administrative Board to the student and the Thesis Advisor via e-mail.
    The Thesis Advisor shall determine the date for the thesis defence exam by coordinating the members of the Thesis Jury at the earliest 15 days after the student delivers their thesis to the members.
    The Notification Form for the Thesis Defence Exam Day shall be filled in and submitted to the Institute at least 7 days before the exam day.(See Form 12 (in Turkish))
    The Thesis Jury shall inform its decision taken in the exam day to the Institute within 3 days by submitting Record of the Thesis Defence Exam signed by the members of the jury.

    Thesis Monitoring Committee Procedures

    Thesis Advisors for doctoral dissertations/theses are also required to sign and submit the Record of the Thesis Monitoring Committee Meetings at the end of each thesis monitoring committee meeting.(Click here for more information on the process)